Environmental and Resource Management

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You can apply if you hold a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Resource Management or another relevant bachelor’s degree. The programme is designed for graduates with a wide range of backgrounds, including planning, social science, geography, natural science, biology, earth science, technology and engineering. You are expected to be able to work with social science as well as technology. Numeric literacy and previous experience with quantitative data and models are an advantage. Depending on your level of expertise in these areas, you may be required to complete supplementary courses.

Application deadlines:
The application deadline for study start on September 1st is:
  • February 1st for Non-EU/EEA citizens
  • March 1st for EU/EEA and Swiss citizens and all citizens with residence permit in Denmark
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About the MSc in Environmental and Resource Management:

The MSc in Environmental and Resource Management (ERM) is a cross-disciplinary programme which is focused on issues that affect everyone: individuals, families, companies, the society in general and the solutions for the environmental challenges of tomorrow in particular. The programme combines theory and practice, giving you both a solid theoretical basis and a set of practical tools that are useful in working with the subjects in your future career. The programme is designed to provide knowledge in the field of technological/natural sciences and social sciences and ultimately combine these two disciplines.

You should choose this programme if you are interested in finding balances among environmental, economic and social interests.

Career opportunities:

Graduates on this programme attain a set of competencies, which allow them to work with a great number of different tasks in environmental management – both in the public and the private sector, as well as in NGOs and stakeholder organizations.

Graduates will be able to design and conduct analysis of existing or future environmental strategies and policies within an organization or at a societal level.

As a M.Sc. in Environmental and Resource Management your job opportunities will be many: for example, working as an advisor for business leaders, who must consider environmental impacts of their decisions and develop competitive advantage.

Environmental leaders will benefit from the business skills in combination with natural science, technical and economic issues in their proposed solutions to environmental problems.

Programme structure

Programme structure The MSc in Environmental and Resource Management requires two years of full-time study, which are divided into 8 quarters. A total of 60 ECTS correspond to one year’s workload.

While the study programme is managed by the University of Southern Denmark (SDU), half of the classes are delivered by the Aalborg University Esbjerg (AAUE). SDU is responsible for classes relating to social science, economy, and management, while AAUE deals with project work and skill development relating to engineering, technology and natural science. Both universities supply supervisors for projects. Students have a supervisor from both universities for their dissertation project.

All compulsory courses are taking place within the first 4 quarters (the first year) accounting for 60 ECTS in total. The 5th and 6th quarter have a flexible content. You will be able to take combinations of elective courses, an internship or an exchange semester, accounting for 30 ECTS. Electives can be taken at the University of Southern Denmark or Aalborg University in Esbjerg, abroad or partly in the form of practical experience (students must prepare reports to get credit for this). The Master thesis (30 ECTS) is to be written during the 7th and 8th quarters.

Double Degree

The double degree Master of Science in Environmental and Resource Management required from SDU and Master of Science in Economics, Markets and Management, track Green Economy and Sustainability required from Università degli Studi di Ferrara (UNIFE) is a two-year full-time study. The first year is at SDU, Campus Esbjerg, whereas the second year accommodated at UNIFE, Ferrara, Italy.

Here www.sdu.dk/en/ERM you will find more information about our programme, admission and enrolment etc.

You are also welcome to contact us if you have questions regarding admission and enrolment, please contact:

Student Services in Esbjerg

E-mail: studieservice-es@sdu.dk

Web: www.sdu.dk/en/ERM

University of Southern Denmark
Degnevej 14
DK-6705 Esbjerg
Phone: +45 6550 1103

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